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September in the Sahara!

Our fields are bare and the live herd is being fed hay already! I'm sorry for all our farming neighbours and sincerely hope this drought will finish soon.

What is not to be finished soon is our exciting buildings work. Very sadly our Committee has decided to postpone the opening of the Centre until October 3rd.

We all feel gutted. BABS and I especially wanted to get going after being shut away so long. Our quiet room has been filled with boxes of stuff from the old sitting room and office so you can hardly see us, let alone ride on us.

Its no gain without pain as they say, so gradually we'll get back to normal and there will be better facilities for all you humans when the work is completed.

Meanwhile take a look at the progress already made and keep your fingers crossed for us. Our love and apologies to our dear riders. Keep doing your rain dances......


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