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We welcome people of all ages and disabilities to apply for riding therapy. You may self refer, be referred by your health practitioner, school or by a family member.

After completing the application form in the link above please send it to the address on the form or email it to us.  Our volunteer physios will then contact you with an invitation to visit the Centre for an assessment. This enables us to see what you can do, how much support you should have, and whether we have a suitable pony for your shape and size.  Our minimum age is 4yrs but there is no upper age limit.

Once a suitable ride becomes available, you will be able to take part in the wonderful life enhancing experience offered by the centre, working  with our dedicated team of volunteers who have your best interests at heart.

For school age riders we make every effort to enrich the curriculum and support the child’s learning. 

All our participants are encouraged to expand their knowledge and can work towards certificates of competence in riding and horse care.

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