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Meet the Team


Our Hon President: Val Cadnam

Management Committee Members and *Trustees

Chairman: Jan Derbyshire*

Company Secretary: Wendy Toogood*

Treasurer: Sarah Rixon*

Stable Manager: Abi Sinclair

Safeguarding Officer and Riders’ Representative: Ruth Snowling*

Diane Godfrey*

Debs Bennett*

Cherry Crawford*

Louise Reynolds*

Sarah Tyrell*


Other Roles

Health & Safety: Jan Derbyshire

Riders applications: Sue Tanis

Membership Secretary: Mary Barlow

Volunteers’ communications: Maggie Raynor

Sponsor a Pony: Diane Godfrey

Fund raising Committee Chairman: Jan McKillop

Fund raising Committee Treasurer: Corinne Bundy

Tea With a Pony: Cherry Crawford

100 Club: Sarah Mitchell



Amanda Ainsworth

Patricia Bazley White

Fiona Cranston

Debs Bennett

Jan Derbyshire

Anne MacWillson

Jan McKillop

Sally Neilson

Margaret Nicholas

Sarah Tyrell

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