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Now you see me, now you don't

As the last days of September drew to a close the team still planned to be open for rides again on October 3rd. Just see if you can spot my black ears in my room 3 days before this deadline!

The live herd has enjoyed the goings on in the yard, never a dull day with the builders working flat out on the extension. April and Belle gave up their yard for the duration, but the weather has been kind and they have coped.

Once back behind the building they will be able to see into our new kitchen. Wonder what gossip will go on in there?

I don't think there will be coffee and cakes quite yet, but you never know with this lot! Good luck all you humans who work so hard for our riders; I hope to be unearthed from all this junk ere long and back to the work I love as well. See you soon.


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