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I'm back!

After my two months off here I am, reporting on Life at the Shelley Centre as I see it from my place on the yard. Not a stable but a room with windows, heating and electricity. Here I give our riders a chance to enjoy their physiotherapy just like the live ponies do, but without the unpredictability element they provide.

There have been ups and downs recently with some ponies out of action for various reasons and many volunteers away on holiday. As usual the Coaches have held everything together and managed to create good sessions for their riders. here are some photos of Wednesday afternoon riders Ashleigh, Max and Animee on Bryn, April and Buzz respectively.

Our two veteran Shetlands, Squidgy and Camilla, like to keep abreast of the activity even though they are officially retired. Volunteers bring them up to the yard to watch their friends at work and groom them so they don't feel forgotten. Here they are being taken back to their field after the Wednesday

sessions. They wear rugs to compensate for their great age (mid thirties) as the old gnashers are a bit wobbly. You can't graze to keep warm if your teeth don't bite.

I'm so glad I won't ever have those problems myself. How about you, dear readers? Hope you are keeping your teeth in good nick!


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