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Visitors galore!

I've seen many new people visiting the Centre now that we are allowed to mingle. It was great fun to have members of the Ipswich Rotary Club and their wives spend the afternoon of 15th June with us, after rides had finished and the stables were peaceful. Members of Team Shelley made them welcome and showed them round, explaining what it is we do here. The horses and ponies were out grazing in the evening sun, but one or two pottered over to say hello, and of course the Shetlands were wandering about in the yard. It's Squidgy in one photograph and Ruby in the other.

Tea With a Pony has seen more people coming up on a Wednesday afternoon to enjoy something different: close contact with a member of the live herd, followed by tea n' cake. April has been the star pony showing her visitors how to relax and enjoy the feel of her body whilst they stroke her gently.Needless to say, the Shetlands muscle in on the sessions too. Here is our guest, Lucy, giving Camilla the beauty treatment! Watch you knees, Lucy!

Ruth Snowling wrote a story 'Walter's Grand Day Out"for the RDA National Creative Writing Competition about another visitor (Walter) to the Centre. Here she is with the enormous rosette she has been awarded for her entry.


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