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Remember Us!

We see our humans wearing little poppies this month. Don't forget the horses who went to war as well!

Have you enjoyed all the fireworks? I saw how very wet it was on November 5th and I hope nobody got too soaked. The Shelley horses are wearing their rugs now and they all have access to a field shelter if they need it. BABS and I feel very glad to be indoors at times like that.

We have our room back and working. The new extension is much appreciated. There is an office for all the files (we expect to see the back of the filling cabinets in with BABS and myself) there is a new kitchen and the indoor area for volunteers is much nicer. The saddlery has its own designated tack room with the racks nicely spaced and all within reach. I know the volunteers are keen to keep everything looking tidy....

This month the volunteers have their Christmas party. Its a great opportunity to catch up with friends from other 'days' and meet new helpers. When working at the Centre the helpers don't get much time for casual chat amongst themselves, they are there for the riders. So this is a welcome moment in the year; I'm told its very enjoyable.

Can you believe this is the penultimate month of the year? We have certainly had a very short term and it seems we shall be saying goodbye to our lovely riders far too soon. Our last day open will be December 2nd I fear.


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