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June at The Shelley Centre

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          June at The Shelley Centre 




Exciting news!  One of our horses, Bryn, is a finalist in Radio Suffolk’s ‘Make a Difference Awards’, in the animal category.  We won’t know until September if he is the winner, but to us he’s definitely a winner.  Bryn is an 18-year old, silver dun cob who has been with us for seven years, one of our longest residents. 

At 15.3 hands high he is one of our biggest horses and is thus very popular with coaches and riders.  Whilst he can be a bit cheeky, he is gentle and quietly carries both children and adults who have a mixture of physical and psychological disabilities.  He is patient and instinctively accepts everyone whatever their capabilities.


In contrast to Bryn, Thomas is a small pony who is on trial.  He has not been with us long but is settling in well.  One little girl, Magdalena, who started riding at the Shelley Centre when she was only four years old, initially riding Ebony (the mechanical horse) due to health issues, is now riding Thomas and doing extremely well.   She is very excited to report that she has just passed her Grade One riding and stable management, a real achievement – see photo.


During June we held the internal Shelley Show where riders undertake dressage tests and the ‘countryside challenge’ – a sort of obstacle course - in front of a judge, within their capabilities. This year we introduced a new element to the countryside challenge where riders left the arena and rode up through the trees and down a small slope back to the stable yard.  It’s a big deal for our riders and the joy of receiving their rosettes and medals is clear for all to see. 


We raised £1800 at the Hadleigh Show in May from selling plants and cakes. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came and supported us and to those who kindly donated the produce.


Our next fundraiser will be the Family Music Day on 25th August in Stratford St Mary.  Come and relax in the sun, eat, drink, dance and enjoy American country and soul music in a beautiful setting.  Tickets available from  






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