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Coronation Weekend and the Big Help Out

Many thanks to the people who came up to the Centre on Monday 8th to volunteer their help!

I hope you enjoyed the experience. There are always so many odd jobs that need doing around the stable yard and the manage. Here are the first arrivals removing piles of leaves from the border of the arena where they block the soak away. Thank you for your muscle power.

Organised by Debs Bennett the morning saw many new faces popping in and the questions flowed. There is so much we do here that is best explained in situ. Sue and Fiona were doing assessments on me, Ebony, so that was another source of interest to our visitors. It was great to have good weather for the outside work. So many of our rides have been spoilt by rain recently.

Camilla was also enjoying all the attention from the younger visitors. Earlier in the week our riders practiced for their dressage tests but again, the weather kept on interrupting.

Pictured here are Milly and Bryn sheltering under cover from a pesky downpour!


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