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We got it Covered!

The new roof is finished and the buildings look terrific. Grateful thanks to Chapelstone the builders who completed the task during the school holidays. There was minimal disruption to the live herd and here in our room BABS and I hardly noticed a thing. Other creatures were not so lucky. Whilst inspecting the insulation in the ceiling of the office a large wasps' nest was spotted and removed. Close inspection revealed that those clever wasps had used an old bees' nest; there was still some honey in the middle.

It's probably not the done thing to mention the veritable zoo of skeletal remains found in the roof space? I am keeping my ears wigging now that I know.

As usual we await the coming of the schools with our special riders. Staff have to decide whom to bring and how many, so it takes the first weeks of term to get sorted out. We just hope everyone has managed to escape omicron and be able to come back in the week beginning 17th January.

The live herd is well and looking forward to being in regular work again.The horses wander the fields wrapped up in rugs, splash through the muddy gates, and keep a keen look out for the hay delivery. BABS and I are all switched off and bored stiff. I hope none of my readers are having to switch off in isolation, and that everyone stays well and happy. See you soon!

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