• Ebony

October 2021

Remember we had a Fun Dog Show back in September? I’ve just caught up with the winners of the ‘Craft Competition’ that was part of the day’s fun. Here’s a picture of the two winners, Mia and Lily, receiving their rosettes from Squidgy last month. Congratulations you two!

More pictures from the Dog Show.......

Since then the fund raising team has organised another Shelley Walk. This second walk of the year was well attended (thank you everybody) and of course the rewarding slices of cake were much appreciated. The famous Quiz Night had to be cancelled due to low take up of tickets so I guess you humans are still being cautious about indoor gatherings. Quite right, we shall just have to keep to outdoor fun and games, won’t we? The wonderful supporters who do come to events keep us horses going. We couldn’t work without you.

The wintery weather has spoilt some rides for our people but I’ve been working flat out. Wet weather means riders come and limber up on me, indoors, before being put through their paces with a team of volunteers learning about horse care, stable management, and tack. It’s like learning a new language, all the peculiarities of horse-speak without the grammar ha ha.

I’m told that all our rides are full and we have a waiting list. We are feeling slightly short of instructors, so if any Pony Club parents are reading this, might you be able to spare a half day each week during term time to help out teaching people to ride? The exciting prospect of doing something with the skills you already have, being welcomed into the RDA family, and eventually being certified as a COACH for us must surely whet your appetite? We’d love to hear from you.

The new Tea With a Pony has been going for a month now, and I enjoy the chatter outside my room. So far the weather has enabled our guests to sit outside whilst the bustle of work in the yard continues around them until the last lesson is over and the ponies go out. That’s when the Shetlands come into the yard for their Tea With A Guest, which they seem to love.

The clocks will go back before we know it, and the last rides of the day will be by spotlight. It seems to have happened very quickly. Be careful all you Trick or Treaters, we don’t want to lose anyone whilst All Saints are on the march!