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  • Ebony

March after the storms!

Babs and I missed all the drama of two severe storms last moth! Safely shut in our room under the spanking new roof, we listened to Storm Eunice having fun outside. The loudest crash was from the field shelter in Parys’s and Tilly’s field which took to the air, flipped onto its roof and landed on the other side of the driveway. Luckily the trees and the hedge stopped it going further but it managed to destroy the fence as it went. Altogether we lost 450 meters of fencing, all on the girls’ side of the property. The two friendship groups of mares thus became mixed, but with no fencing they had enough toom to roam and avoid arguments. Best of all they stayed close to the Centre waiting for Lyn to rescue them. Nobody wandered down onto the road.

We send lots of sympathy to those friends who suffered more damage than we did.

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