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June is THANK YOU month.

Its the big Thank You notice this month! Firstly to the Fund Raising team that produced a great stand at The Hadleigh Show selling cakes and plants. Their supreme efforts raised £1,327 for us.

Secondly thank you to the Braintree Golf Club's Lady Captain who raised a stupendous £6,350 from all her charitable events during her year in office. We horses are extremely grateful. Obviously we don't expect all the money to be spent on us, but it is expensive keeping ten of us in the manner to which we have become accustomed.

Thirdly, thank you to H.M. The Queen for her steadfast service to the people of this country and the Commonwealth. You humans will be having a few parties we hear? Well we equines will just carry on as normal, knowing how much Her Majesty likes and appreciated horses and ponies. Wonder whether she's ever been on a simulator?

And lastly its a thank you to the sun for managing to bring some warmth to us. Seeing the riders in the arena looking relaxed and comfortable, with their leaders in summer hats, is heartwarming.

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