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February: Truly back in business!

At last we are all back at work. It’s so great to see the riders again, and their families, we just long for the very last restriction to be lifted. We shouldn’t have people in the yard who are not volunteers. This stops many of our riders from untacking, grooming or just cuddling the ponies. The ponies tell me they really miss this face to face experience. However, in Lyn’s lovely photo you can see Amelia is having a chat with Squidgy before her ride.

Omicron has swept through our school pupil riders and their parents so each day brings cancellations and disappointments, and the Coaches have a time of it re-arranging the lesson plans. It must be like trying to run an actual school? Our thoughts are with you Teachers!

When people apply to ride with us I get to meet them first. This makes my job very interesting. Since no two people are the same (like us horses) great care is taken to fit the new arrival into a group that has space for them. Not only that, but there has to be a pony of suitable size to carry them. New-comers are assessed by two of our volunteers who invite the rider to try me out! That way they are not being asked to brave a live animal straight away, and our volunteers can assess the person’s capabilities and needs. Win, win!

The only trouble is that sometimes people have to wait quite a time for the chosen space or pony to become available. Once the weather gets warmer the offer of coming up to the yard for tea and cake will be made, and we hope this will alleviate the frustration of being in a queue.

See how good it was to have the afternoon sun shining on a Friday ride one cold afternoon last month. We really are so grateful to our volunteers for coming up on their chosen day come rain or shine. I think they must love it here, I hope they don’t just come for the cake?

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