• Ebony

December 2021

The fundraising committee has pulled off another brilliant result: the Christmas Raffle consisted of a whopping big hamper so full of goodies that the lid can’t shut (see the photo) and eleven runner-up prizes, raising over £1,000 for the Centre.

Behind this effort is one of our coaches, Jan McKillop. Not only is she a coach, but chairman of Fundraising. Adapting to changing times because of the pandemic, the committee has continued to raise money to keep us lucky horses going. Thank you to the committee and to all the punters who bought the tickets. Below is a lovely photo of Jan in her comfy shoes at the end of one of her lessons.

Despite all the Friday helpers and riders watching the draw take place on 26th November, the hamper was won by a Wednesday volunteer from Bildeston. Congratulations, Amanda!

The stable block is to be reroofed in the holidays. After 32 years the time has come to cure the leaks and remove the incumbents who have taken up residence above us. It will be an interesting operation for me to watch from my room. I bet the live horses and ponies will be astonished! The firm Chapelstone's from Colchester is undertaking the work so we shall be in safe hands.

This will be my last blog on the old familiar webpage. Andrew Gourlay has kindly operated it for us over 20 years of pro bono work for which we are extremely grateful. Just as he began to want to retire, another wonderful person, Jennifer Reed, offered to build us this new website, compatible with phones and with a great new look. I hope you like it - all feedback greatly received!

The yard is well decorated for the festivities. Alfie stands below the tinsel to wish you all a very happy Christmas from the horses and ponies. Many thanks to Lyn for supervising the decorations and lighting up the dark afternoons so gorgeously.

Now all we have to do is enjoy the last week of our term, take a break from the work and hope so much that all our friends and supporters stay well. May you all see your loved ones as planned and have a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS